SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is work done to help your website rank higher in the many internet search engines, driving potential new customers to you organically instead of attracting them through paid digital advertising.

Nowadays, SEO is an art in its own right since search engines take multiple factors into account when ranking a website. These factors fit into a handful of categories:

  • On-site optimization;
  • Off-site optimization;
  • Content creation and relevance;
  • Domain history and authority;
  • Social media signals and people engagement;
  • Other known and unknown Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.) algorithm rules.

One thing must be understood: no one knows how search engine algorithms truly work. Plus, these algorithms are constantly evolving. Many formerly effective strategies have since become irrelevant or even detrimental.

Hiring a firm specialized in SEO may be difficult as scores of approaches and strategies exist to suit various needs, budgets and planned milestones.

SEO strategies powered by Black Thunder Group are efficient and cost effective. We’ve successfully steered both local and international businesses into the top page of very competitive keywords, if not in first position outright.

What matters is that you’re aware SEO is a long-term effort that should be combined with other digital advertising strategies, including ad placement, affiliate marketing and the use of social media and blog influencers to reach people faster.

By starting today, you’ll empower your online business with free traffic and customer acquisition in the future provided your strategy is concise, precise, constant and cost-effective.

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