Digital advertising

Digital advertising

Today’s digital world is largely powered by digital advertising. It would be silly to ignore the foundation upon which the giants of the internet were built. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many more web businesses derive most of their revenue from advertising. Simply put, the web is fueled by digital advertising—and it works.

There are a few kinds of digital ads:

  • Social media ads, including video ads;
  • Search engine ads;
  • On-site ad placement, such as in magazines and on blogs;
  • Social media influencers;
  • Retargeting;
  • Affiliate marketing strategies;
  • Invite-your-friends type strategies;
  • Etc.

A properly built digital advertising strategy is always based on its ROI, or return on investment. As customer acquisition is digital, some technologies can be put in place to track conversions. This allows us to accurately measure the performance of our ad campaigns and ad content to optimize their ROI, thus generating more conversions for the same budget.

In the past, we’ve seen cases where non-optimal campaigns could exhaust a budget 10 times larger than what they need after meticulous optimization. For example, a campaign that generated $2000 in profit off $500 of ad placements would now drive that same profit off a budget of only $50. The difference may be just as huge for you.

Building your ad placement strategy alongside a specialist is your best bet to ensure your precious money is always spent efficiently.

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