Business software

Business software

Have you ever had to choose which accounting or point-of-sale software to use for your business? With the bevy of options available nowadays, reaching enough knowledge to make an informed decision can be quite the hassle. Worse yet, companies have been known to buy costly software—and the hardware to run it—only to scrap everything and start over at great cost the following year because of evolving requirements.

Black Thunder Group successfully implemented the following proprietary and custom software in small, medium-sized and large businesses:

  • Customer relationship management systems (CRM);
  • Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP);
  • Point-of-sale software (POS);
  • Accounting software;
  • Product information management systems (PIM);
  • And much more.

We know that in most cases, a well-planned and well-built custom software best suits the needs of a large business. Most proprietary software can be configured to fulfill your planned requirements, but such software is immutable outside of a handful of cases that allow externally developed plugins. This often leads to problems where a company must adapt to software since that software can’t adapt to the company.

Many things must be considered when planning the integration of a new piece of software. Some often-neglected aspects are implementation costs, employee training and auditing for correct use of the software at its inception and throughout its lifespan.

We’re here to help you with all these issues through each development phase: ideation, planning, conception and implementation. We ensure the process leaves nothing to chance.

Get in touch, email us your requirements, and we’ll assist you, starting with an initial analysis of your needs.


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