Blockchain legal advisory

Blockchain legal advisory

Cryptocurrencies and their regulation have been a hot topic recently and will remain one for the years to come. Crypto is a world of grey areas, and many ICOs and blockchain projects that currently follow the rules are standing close to the edge and risk becoming unlawful should regulations change unexpectedly. For your venture to remain viable for many years, you should consider its legal aspects immediately as future regulation can negatively affect projects that weren’t backed by proper legal advice.

For example, many ICO projects are now in the crosshairs of the SEC because their funding practices are considered illegal. In fact, one of our own partners recently had to halt their ICO process shortly before contacting us for the first time, a misfortune they would have avoided had they met us earlier.

When planning an ICO, you must consider not only today’s regulations, but also the changes that might come tomorrow.

Contact us right now, and our legal advisors will help you make the right decisions.


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